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Barbados: How it all began? The Drax Family - James & Henry and their Legacy


James Drax and his brother William were among the first settlers on Barbados in 1627. They very quickly became wealthy planters.

In this talk, Jane Ferentzi-Sheppard considers James’ legacy.

How he took indentured servants from England to Barbados. He introduced labour from Africa, supplying his own ships to transport them there.  After difficulties finding a cash crop, he introduced sugar to the island - and the rest is history. James and his son Henry became two of the wealthiest plantation owners in the West Indies. The plantation is still in the family nearly 400 years later.

Jane shows us how this remarkable story unfolded.


About the speaker: Jane Ferentzi-Sheppard is an independent history researcher. She teaches local and family History in Dorset, Somerset and Devon, and is an authority on migration in these areas. She is also a tutor at Dillington House, Ilminster. Jane lectures regularly for the Society of Genealogists on the topics of Dorset, Devon, migration and the Sugar Barons.

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